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What is NAIT?

The National Animal Identification and Tracing (NAIT) scheme links people, property and livestock in New Zealand. Under the scheme, cattle and deer are traced using NAIT approved radio frequency identification device (RFID) ear tags. Once tagged, these animals are registered in a national database and the details recorded include:

  • the animal's location
  • movements in the animal's life, and
  • contact details for the person in charge of that animal.

This provides traceability for individual animals, to enhance New Zealand's ability to respond quickly if there is a biosecurity incursion such as a disease outbreak.

How did NAIT start?

The NAIT scheme is an industry led initiative. The agricultural industry recognised the need to improve New Zealand's animal tracing ability, and approached the Government to work together in 2009. The Government agreed to help fund the development of a mandatory national animal identification and tracing scheme for cattle and deer.

Who is NAIT?

The NAIT Organisation is responsible for implementing the NAIT scheme. NAIT is a programme of OSPRI New Zealand, alongside TBfree New Zealand.

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