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Using an information provider

New Zealand’s dairy and beef industries are well supported by established service providers such as stock agents, transport operators, farm management and performance recording organisations. Many of these companies have extended their services to act as NAIT accredited information providers. Information providers offer time and cost-saving efficiencies to enable farmers to focus on core operations.

What services do they provide?

An information provider can help you by:

  • registering you with the NAIT programme
  • registering animals and maintaining legally-required details
  • recording animal movements, and
  • recording deaths, missing animals and tag replacements.

Appointing an information provider does not stop you from recording information directly with NAIT, or working with other service providers for all or part of your NAIT requirements.

Where do I find this service?

There are several ways you can register with an information provider. 

You can ring the information provider and register with them. Your chosen provider needs a contract to manage NAIT requirements on your behalf. Information providers need to inform us that they have a contract with you, and once your registration is completed you’ll get an email from us to confirm they can act on your behalf.

You can assign an information provider to your account online:

  • Log into you NAIT account.
  • Go to your 'NAIT Number Details' page.
  • In the 'Information Providers' section, select 'Add New'.
  • Find a name in the drop-down menu.
  • Select 'Continue' and confirm that you want to assign that information provider.

Call OSPRI on 0800 482 463 if you need help.

Find a NAIT accredited information provider

Your responsibilities

The relationship between you, as the person in charge of animals (PICA), and your information provider is contractual and managed according to a set of legal conditions of access. Your information provider must hold a contract with you detailing the services they provide and how they look after your information.

Even if you use an information provider, as the PICA you remain responsible for meeting the requirements of the NAIT programme and supplying correct information.

You can ensure an information provider is supplying your information to us by setting your email preferences in the NAIT system to ‘all’. You will get an email every time something happens in your NAIT account so you can check that what is being recorded is correct.

Protecting your data and private information

OSPRI has a security process that ensures your information is private and safe, and that all parties complete their responsibilities appropriately:

  1. Information providers must hold a contract with you and produce this if requested.
  2. Information providers agree to abide by NAIT data privacy and care requirements as per New Zealand privacy laws.
  3. OSPRI, as the designated operator of the NAIT scheme, has specific requirements under the NAIT Act to manage the security and privacy of your data.
  4. NAIT will send you an email to inform you that an Information Provider is acting on your behalf and that you can change this in the NAIT system if you no longer wish them to act on your behalf.
  5. OSPRI has an audit and reporting process to ensure that Information Providers are meeting their legal obligations.