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Confirming movements

The movement to you should have been recorded by the sending party. This will create an alert to you that animals have been recorded as sent to your NAIT number.

To confirm the movement follow these instructions:

  1. Log on to the NAIT system.
  2. On your home page screen, you will see a message alerting you to movement records that need attention.
  3. Click 'view movement'.

    View the movement

  4. The next screen will show you more details about the movement. Click 'view & confirm' again.

    View the movement
  5. Check the animals recorded as being sent to you are correct. If all the details are correct, click 'confirm all'. If the details are not correct, you can reject the movement. The movement will be removed from your account. The sender will then need to correct the movement and resend it. If part of the movement is correct, you can confirm those individual animals and reject those that you did not receive.

    Confirm or reject the animals