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Exempt animal receiving movements

Fallow and trophy deer are exempt from the requirement to be NAIT tagged. However, you must still confirm the movement of these animals.

Under the NAIT scheme, exempt animal movements must be recorded by both the sending and receiving parties. If you receive animals but the sender does not create a sending movement for you to confirm, you can create an exempt animal receiving movement. This meets your NAIT requirements even if the sender has not completed their side of the movement.

There are two different ways to create an exempt animal receiving movement. You can choose the option that suits you best:

Online in the NAIT system

Creating a receiving movement for exempt animals is fast and easy using the online NAIT system.

  1. Log on to the NAIT system.
  2. Select 'create movement', and then 'receiving movement'.
  3. Enter the NAIT number you received animals from, and the date they were received. Click 'continue'.
  4. Then choose 'create a movement for animals exempt from tagging'.
  5. Enter the details of the exempt animals including:
    - the number of animals
    - the exempt category (fallow or trophy), and
    - a description of the animals (must include gender, breed and approximate age).
  6. Click 'continue' and if the details are correct click 'create movement' to complete it.

Please note: Creating an exempt animal movement will not automatically update the number of untagged deer on your property. This must be done manually in the NAIT number details section.

Find out how to update your untagged animal count

Use a paper form

If you do not have access to a computer or the internet, you can meet your NAIT obligations by using the paper forms. Paper forms have a processing fee. For exempt animal movements this is $20 for any number of animals.

Call us on 0800 624 843 to request paper forms.