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Requirements for beef & venison processors

Beef and venison processors have responsibilities under the NAIT scheme:

1. Register with NAIT

You must register with NAIT. Registering as an organisation lets you appoint an administrator for your account. You must register as an organisation if you want to be NAIT accredited.

Find out more about registering as an organisation

2. Appoint a person in charge of animals (PICA)

You need to appoint a PICA at each of your meat processing plants. This person is responsible for meeting NAIT requirements.

3. Report kill information to NAIT

The PICA at a meat or venison processing plant is required to report information about animals slaughtered to NAIT.

4. Tag and record on-selling of any animals

If a live animal is on-sold from a meat or venison processing plant, the PICA must ensure the animal is tagged with a NAIT approved RFID tag and record the movement with NAIT.

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Become NAIT accredited

Meat or venison processors can apply to become NAIT accredited as an entity and/or an information provider. This allows you to carry out certain functions on behalf of your customers.

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