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Tag your animals

Cattle and deer must be tagged with NAIT approved RFID tags. These animals must be tagged within six months of birth, or before they move off farm - whichever is soonest. NAIT tags are the only tags required by law. Animal Health Board (AHB) approved tags are no longer compulsory, but you should not remove these tags from existing animals.

Animals only need one NAIT tag each. You don't need to tag an animal with your own NAIT tag if it already has one.

Remember to register your animals after they've been tagged. It's an important step as it distinguished tags sitting in the shed, from tags that are actually in animals. 

Find out how to register your animals

NAIT tags can only be removed with permission from NAIT. Please call or email us if you need to do this. NAIT tags cannot be reused for any reason, as each tag has a unique number that identifies a single animal.


  • Cattle and deer which the farmer considers too dangerous to tag do not need a NAIT tag if they are going directly to a meat processor. A levy of $13 per head excluding GST applies to these animals.
  • Calves less than 30 days old going directly to a meat processor (bobby calves), with a direct to slaughter tag issued by the meat processor, do not need a NAIT tag.
  • Trophy stags that are going to a game estate, safari park or zoo do not need a NAIT tag.
  • Fallow deer are exempt from NAIT tagging.

You still need a NAIT number even if a tagging exemption applies to your animals.

If you have trophy stags or fallow deer, you must be registered with NAIT, tell NAIT how many of these deer are on your property and update this number every year.

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Find out how to tag your animals