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Linking tags for already registered animals

To link a visual panel tag to a previously registered animal's NAIT RFID tag follow these instructions:

  1. Log on to the NAIT system.
  2. Click on the NAIT number where the animal is registered.
  3. The 'registered animals' page will be displayed. Select the check box next to the tag number you want to link a visual panel tag to. Then click 'edit selected animals' and choose 'edit animal details'.

    Edit selected animals

    Edit animal details

  4. In the 'other visual tag' box in the 'tags' section, you can enter the visual panel tag number. You can also enter a name for the animal here if that helps you to identify them.

    Enter visual tag number or animal name

  5. Click on 'save' at the end of the page to finish the process. The visual panel tag number will now be displayed in the 'other identifier' column of your registered animals.