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Handling deer safely

Here are some tips from ACC for handling deer safely:

  • Deer should be handled quietly and with care and patience.
  • Familiarise deer with handling facilities and procedures from an early age.
  • Large groups of deer should be broken into smaller groups of 10 to 15 for handling and entering the yards.
  • Have the minimum number of people required for the job.
  • Deer should be able to see animals in neighbouring pens to reduce stress.
  • Before you bring deer in it is important to set the gates up first to allow the mob to enter the yards, and have all the equipment ready.

For deer that are too dangerous to tag, the impractical to tag exemption should be used. They must be going directly to a meat processor. This exemption incurs a levy of $13 per head excluding GST.

Visit the ACC website for more information