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Who needs to register with NAIT?

Anyone who is in charge of cattle or deer needs to register with NAIT. This includes:

  • cattle and deer farmers
  • lifestyle farmers
  • meat processors
  • stock agents at sale yards, and
  • graziers in charge of grazing animals.

When you register, you will become a person in charge of animals (PICA) for NAIT purposes. This means that you are the person who is in day-to-day charge of cattle or deer, not necessarily the owner of those animals. NAIT requirements are your responsibility.

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Spouses and family members

If you are the spouse or family member of someone registered with NAIT, but you will be recording NAIT information for them, you will also need to register with us. It's quick and easy to register, then your spouse or family member can assign you as a PICA delegate. 

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Organisations can choose to register as an organisation with NAIT. This provides benefits such as being able to have an administrator who can set up and maintain information about PICAs on behalf of the organisation.

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Getting a NAIT number

Getting a NAIT number is part of the registration process. A NAIT number is in addition to an TBfree herd number or dairy participant code.

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A NAIT number links you, the PICA, to a certain property. It's important that you register for a new NAIT number if you have another property more than a 10km radius away from your first. Put simply, to use one NAIT number for all your farms, all must be within a 10km radius. If they are not, subsequent NAIT numbers are required. 

NAIT Location FA

The same rule applies for TBfree. It's best practice to link up your NAIT and herd numbers so that Farm A has a different NAIT number and TBfree herd number than Farm B. With each having their own NAIT number, we can better trace and contain any disease outbreaks that may occur.